Saint Guilhem le Desert located in an exceptional landscape in the gorges of the Hérault, developed around his village and his abbey of Gellone, built in 804 according to the Roman art.
Just near the Devil's Bridge crossed by pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela. These two historic monuments inscribed on the World Heritage of Humanity mark forever this site classified among the most beautiful villages of France.
Take advantage of your trip to visit other beautiful villages such as Olargues and Minerve.

Esprit  du  Sud Maison et Chambres d'Hôtes - Prades le Lez (34)
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Zoo of Montpellier

Discover a wild and fascinating world. It is in 1964 that the Zoological Park of Montpellier Lunaret is inaugurated. Subsequently, it has been expanded several times to reach today 80 ha comprising 11 km of trails, 1100 animals, 120 species and 52 enclosures.
Take the opportunity to visit also the Amazonian greenhouse and Montmaur wood which are open to the public.

"The museums and natural sites of the Hérault welcome each year about 3.6 million tourists."

Hérault (34)

The Hérault is the destination of all heritages.
Beauty of the varied sites: sea and beaches, back country and its garrigues, its famous vineyards, the average mountain and its atypical villages.
Region that allows meetings, exchanges and many activities: sports, recreation "nature" and nautical, wine tasting, discovery of history, traditions and festivities.


The Grotte des Demoiselles

Take the underground tourist funicular opened in 1931 which ensures the descent and the ascent in the cave of the Demoiselles, also called Cave with the fairies.
You will discover the impressive Hall of the Cathedral 52m high, 120m long and 48m wide. This is where the giant stalagmite 10 meters high "The Virgin and Child" is located The whole cave is equipped with modern means of lighting and sound of the latest technology.


Fabre Museum of Montpellier

Created in 1824 by Baron François-Xavier Fabre, enlarged and renovated in 2003, the Fabre Museum of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, an exceptional cultural site gathering old and contemporary architecture. You will discover more than 900 works, 800 engravings and 4000 drawings presented in an area of 9,400 m². He takes you through the centuries on a journey into the world of the arts. The Fabre museum also offers temporary exhibitions, remarkable on a variety of themes.


La Grande Motte

Seaside resort in the heart of the particularly lush Camargue on the shores of the Mediterranean near Montpellier. Discover an original architecture in the shape of pyramids. Presence of a water park and an international golf 18 holes. Multiple activities, ballad on land or sea.



Palavas les Flots is located 20 minutes from Montpellier at the mouth of Lez
Its name comes from "palus opinion": "the marsh with the birds". 7 km of family beach and quality sports facilities.
Excellent windsurfing and kite surfing spot


Villeneuve les Maguelone

At 10 kms from Montpellier, Villeneuve les Maguelone is located between vineyards, pond and sea. Visit its Cathedral and discover the history of this exceptional site that was the refuge of the popes of Rome. Wild nature preserved and richness of a natural heritage of exception


Pic Saint Loup

Located in the hinterland of Montpellier and facing the Hortus, the Pic Saint Loup is one of the most beautiful natural and hiking sites in the region and can be seen from afar. This small mountain in full scrubland and bordered with vineyards is one of the symbols of the hinterland of Montpellier. From the summit to 660 meters, the view extends over the plain to the coast. Its gentle slopes favor a family ascent.


Aquarium Mare Nostrum

Planet Ocean Montpellier is a complex of an aquarium and a planetarium located at the Odysseum in Montpellier. Come take a tour of the world of oceans and discover the richness of the seabed. There are over 450 species and 32,000 marine animals. At its center a large covered pool with 1,900m3 of water volume for your enjoyment. In an immersive visit, each visitor can marvel and enrich his knowledge of the world of the depths.


Cirque de Navacelles

The Cirque de Navacelles is a natural circus in the Occitan region in the southern part of the Grands Causses of Blandas (Gard) and Larzac (Hérault). Geological curiosity of a depth of 300 m and including a cascade of 8 m high, It is formed by a meander cut from the river La Vis in impressive gorges between the causse of Larzac and causse Blandas. The discovery of this site is impressive and lies in its natural beauty.


Cave of Clamouse (Saint-Jean-de-Fos)

The cave Clamouse located in Saint-Jean-de-Fos in the department of Herault was discovered in 1945 and opened to the public in 1964, it is visitable on a loop of about 1 km. Renowned for the richness of its concretions, this impressive cavity located in the gorges of the Hérault, can be visited with family and even in caving adventure. Its access is close to the Pont du Diable and the medieval village of Saint Guilhem le Désert.


The rocks of Maguelone (Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone)

382/5000 The Rocks of Maguelone are very popular with children and adults. This site has three theme parks. The Accro Park consists of 23 adventure trails and gathering long-distance zip lines located more than 40m from the ground. The Explor Park is oriented towards an exploration of the five continents and consists of a journey aboard a pirate ship. Finally the Laser Park.


Amazonian greenhouse of Montpellier

The Amazon greenhouse includes all the tree species and specificity of the Amazonian forest. A path can reach the canopy of trees. Its creation in 2007 aimed to raise public awareness of the forest ecosystem and to encourage its preservation.


Salagou et Cirque de Mourèze

Lake Salagou was formed by an artificial reservoir of water fed by the river Salagou. A dam 59 m high was commissioned in 1970. The area of the lake and 755 ha. The red color comes from sandstone and clay. Nearby is the Cirque de Mourèze composed of dolomitic rocks of 165 million years composed of limestone.


Golf Fontcaude à Juvignac - St Gély du Fesc - Massane à Baillargues

Golf courses : Juvignac - St Gély du Fesc - Baillargues
• Fontcaude à Juvignac (11 km)
Located between the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and the hinterland, an 18-hole course of international class, slightly hilly and woody, registering with fluidity in the relief and the natural vegetation, a riverside trail and tall trees nearby.
•  Coulondres at St Gély du Fesc (6 km)
Located 10 km north of Montpellier, a 27 hole course and a Pitch & Putt 5 holes, very varied between pines and oaks. A 9-hole course in a natural setting overlooking the Pic Saint-Loup and in the background, the Mediterranean. Finally an 18 hole Puech in a beautiful setting.
•  Massane in Baillargues (15 km).
Golf course 9 and 18 holes, a vast training device to master your game. Training areas adapted to each profile: on carpet or turf, bunker, putting green and pitching green ...


MTB Tours - Running - Hiking

• Tour Vias - Pont roman Matelles: 7.6 kms - 2h25 - facile
• Balade vigneronne à Teyran: 7 kms - 2h00 - facile
• Acqueduc de Castries: 8 kms - 2h30 - facile
• Pic St Loup - Tréviers: 8.6 kms - 3h40 - moyenne
• Chateau Muntlaur - Montaud: 14 kms - 4h30 - moyenne
• Le tour du Pic Saint Loup: 9,3 kms - 4h00 - difficile
• Le Pic Saint Loup: 5,5 kms - 2h20 - facile
• Les falaises de l'Hortus: 16,3 kms - 5h50 - difficile
• Les sentiers des Carrieres: 8,9 kms - 2h40 - facile
• Fontaine de Termenou: 11,7 kms - 3h40 - moyenne
• La corniche de l'Hortus: 10.5 kms - 4h00 - difficile
• Tour télégraphe Murviel : 5.8 kms - 2h00 - facile
• Ravin des Arcs: 4 kms - 1h30 - facile
• Le lac de Matane: 16.5 kms - 5h30 - moyenne
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