Swimming pool sun blue water house bed and breakfast Montpellier

Come and discover our beautiful swimming pool at the back of the villa and your bed and breakfast Montpellier, in a private area

Wide peripheral beaches to enjoy with the sunbathing of a water just at temperature

A blue water that is the subject of all our attention right next to your bed and breakfast Montpellier

This space is safe for children, which reassures parents during their stay

You can have breakfast by the water in the morning or have your lunch on the sunny beaches

Trays are available for your drinks, coffee, tea, orange juice and bring them back to your bed and breakfast Montpellier

Not to mention homemade chocolate cakes by Cathy the hostess

The space is wooded and the trees border the whole periphery of the water body and the bed and breakfast Montpellier

The orientation allows to benefit from sunny beaches or on the contrary in the shade

Tranquility, tanning in a green setting listening to the cicadas dice the exit of your bed and breakfast Montpellier

Access to the swimming pool is allowed from the morning until breakfast until 19:00

For hygiene, water treatment and cleaning are our priorities every day

The pool is the highlight of our assets for the well being it brings all day and its beautiful surroundings

An idyllic setting conducive to rest to allow time to flow gently before joining the bed and breakfast Montpellier

The pool is accessible by the private terraces of each guest room Montpellier

Relaxation, sun and tanning, a whole program of relaxation at the edge of the water

The sunbaths and towels are part of the service and are at your disposal

Summer lounges for relaxation are accessible from the pool and your bed and breakfast Montpellier

Have dinner by the pool in the end of the day sweets

Benefiting from shade, the pool offers blue water in a green landscape

Find your happiness by lounging on the folding chairs or wicker chair of the summer relaxation corners

A part of beach in lawn like a carpet of velvet accomodates many loungers

Around this pool of the house and bed and breakfast Montpellier, the atmosphere encourages relaxation and relaxation

Book your Montpellier bed and breakfast as soon as possible to benefit from the sunny swimming pool

Swimming  Pool

Esprit  du  Sud

Sun, blue water and relaxation ...

Lying on the edge of the pool, soaking up the sun and rocking by the song of cicadas.

Disconnect yourself the time of your stay. ..
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Sun bathing
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Assured tanning
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Relaxing at the edge of the water
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A plunge ?
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A green setting ..

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