Breakfast seafood house bed and breakfast Montpellier

We offer you many different dishes that will delight you

Hearty breakfasts with coffee, tea, brioches, homemade cakes, fruit, yogurts, and orange juice

Of course, we also offer English breakfasts consisting of scrambled eggs, jam, ham from the country

Cold or hot drinks can be requested at any time of the day at Cathy or Gérard

For lunch, platters of fruits of met our beautiful region, Sète is not far from our guest house Montpellier

Oysters, mussels, whelks, langoustines and clams, all is allowed and delivered in your rooms of hosts Montpellier

Our sauces will accompany your meal, we have our specialties

Dinner tables for the evening must be ordered in advance and subject to availability

We also invite you before the meal to enjoy a homemade aperitif and its salty sweet accompaniments

Each dish can be eaten on the terrace of the guest rooms or on the beaches of the swimming pool depending on the climate

For the picnic, we can compose a basket of cooked meat, ham, sausage, cheese, fruit and wine

Tabbouleh and rice salads are our specialties to consume in your bed and breakfast Montpellier

For your hikes we can prepare sandwiches with water bottle and small dessert

Slates are our specialties, gourmet slates, Italian, Cevennes or with the products of the sea.

Vegetarian slates are possible for those who want it, with vegetables, cheeses and salads

For a snack, what better than a sugar or chocolate waffle with a scoop of ice cream?

We make crisp homemade buns, fruit desserts to taste in your bed and breakfast Montpellier

The wood-fired pizzas are very appreciated after a return of ballad and visits of the Region

The afternoon can be tasted of homemade chouquettes with love and consumed in your bed and breakfast Montpellier

Pasta, tagliatelle and leg of lamb are offered according to the season

Esprit  du  Sud

Prades  le  Lez


Esprit  du  Sud


Spirit of the South offers an ideal space to put life on pause and revitalise the senses

We are happy to welcome you to our home. We hope to provide you with the utmost comfort and satisfaction during your time with us.

BreakfastMaison & Chambres d'hôtes Montpellier

A complimentary breakfast, composed of fresh bread, pastries, cheese, eggs (scrambled or fried), ham, fruits, jams, yogurts, and freshly squeezed juices will be served everyday until 10:30 AM in the sun lounge or patio, weather permitting.

The Seafood PlatterMaison & Chambres d'hôtes Montpellier

With 48 hours notice, a taste of the Mediterranean for 2 people, and includes:
•   20 oyster
•   10 mussels
•   12 sea-snails
•   10 langoustines
•   10 clams
•   Homemade, egg-based mayonnaise sauce and vinaigrette.

The Guest TableMaison & Chambres d'hôtes Montpellier

The Guest Table can be requested with a reservation 48 hours in advance and according to availability. Dinner will focus on providing you with an authentic, local meal inspired by regional market produce. Before dinner, we invite you to share a moment with us and enjoy a small aperitif. Depending on the season, dinner will be served by the side of the pool or in the dining room. We will finish the evening with a coffee and an assortment of teas. The meal includes a starter, main, dessert, and ½ bottle of wine per adult

The « Pique-nique »Maison & Chambres d'hôtes Montpellier

Do you wish you could have a picnic basket for your day of exploring?
No problem, we can prepare one!
Our picnics consist of a sandwich, salad (tabouleh, rice salad, etc), or savoury tart/quiche, along with fruit, homemade cake, and a ½ litre bottle of water.

The PlattersMaison & Chambres d'hôtes Montpellier

Gourmet platters are available with 24 hours notice. The accompanying vegetable side dish will vary depending on the season. Coffee/Teas offered with purchase. (Service dependent on availability):
- Gourmet Platter: Roasted Camembert cheese, served with charcuterie, steamed potatoes, and green salad
- Italian Platter : A mixture of grilled and pickled vegetables, charcuterie, tomates confites, parmesan cheese, and green salad
- Cevenol Platter Salad, toasted French bread topped with melted goat’s cheese, charcuterie
- Seafood Platter : Local produce fresh from the Mediterranean Sea
According to the season, a large bowl of warm, homemade soup, served with salad and cheese.
- Vegetarian Platter : a selection of raw and pickled vegetables, served with garlic and herb cream cheese and guacamole, green salad, and potatoes
- Dessert Platter An array of homemade, seasonal desserts

Snack Time!Maison & Chambres d'hôtes Montpellier

We all get a little hungry after a day of exploring, that’s why a light snack will be provided in the sun lounge with a hot or iced drink, depending on the season.